Alan Fletcher

Advertisement for Pirelli slippers, 1962. By Fletcher/Forbes/Gill

Alan Fletcher is one of the most influential figures in British graphic design. He co-founded Fletcher/Forbes/Gill in the 1960’s and started working with Pentagram in the 1970’s. He has designed brand identities for many famous and iconic businesses such as Pirelli and V&A.

Alan Fletcher liked anagrams and including irony in his work. From the 1950’s onwards he modernised design with his inventive posters giving identities for companies and institutions in Britain.

Above is one of Alan Fletcher’s most famous pieces of design to advertise Pirelli slippers. I think the idea is clever and quirky, which makes you smile. This poster got put on london buses in the early 60’s. The red bus contrasts with the white and blue poster making it eye-catching. I gives an illusion thinking we can see people sitting on the letters. It’s a memorable poster, if you saw it you would stay in your mind because it’s different to other posters that were out around that time. It fully catches your attention which what the company wants. Pirelli wants you to look at the poster and to remember the business so you’ll buy their products, and Alan Fletcher has successfully achieved that.


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