Paula Scher

Paula Scher is a designer famous for her typography skills. She began painting colorful and stylized maps that depict regions, cities, and continents from all corners of the globe using typography.  Paula continued to work on these maps and over the years the maps got bigger and more complicated.

Paula Scher said, “I began painting these things sort of in a silly way.  And I think at one point I realized they would be amazing big.  And I wondered if I could even do it.  If I could actually paint these things on such a grand scale, what would happen? The way the maps work is that they’re total abstractions, and yet they have all this meaning attached to them.”

The typography map paintings by Paula Scher are amazing. So much work, time and effort have gone into each painting. They’re eye-catching and interesting images. I think its brilliant how the typography and colours are combined for each country and the sea. I love how the typography name of each country is large and stands out. I also love how the typography in the sea is free and loose like waves.


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