Why Not Assosiates

Why Not Associates is a British graphic design company with global reach. The company have been creating innovative work for nearly two decades. Working on projects including corporate identity, digital design, motion graphics and television commercial direction, editorial design, environmental design, publishing, and public art. They are very well-known for breaking the boundaries.

The work designed by the graphic design company Why Not Associates are all very different. They work for various businesses and organizations. I love the drypoint print/ illustration work done for the Army at the top. I think the advert on the TV are very well done and very interesting, because everything about the advert builds together to make a great piece of work. I really like the V&A logo they’ve designed because the colours, shape, layout and line all work beautifully together. I like how the edge of the letter is turned into a line that carries on across the page because i think it’s very eye-catching. I also like the magazine design for the Why Not magazine. I love the open shutter photography used for the cover, and would love to learn how to do it.


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