Neville Brody

Neville Brody from London, is a graphic designer, typogropher and art director. He’s known for his work on The Face magazine Arena magazine. He also designed record covers for artists such as Cabaret Voltaire and Depeche Mode. He is now Head of the Communication in the Art & Design department at the Royal College of Art.

He was one of the members of FontWorks in London and designed a number of typefaces.He was partly responsible for the FUSE project, which was an influential fusion between a magazine, graphics design and typefaces. Each project included an article relating to typography and surrounding subjects and brand new fonts that are unique and revolutionary in some shape or form.


I think the two magazines that Neville Brody have worked and designed for contrast each other. The Face magazine looks old and slightly aged. The layout is simple and the colour schemes are basic. The photography used seems aged, crazy and out there.  Where as The Arena magazine design has a much younger feel. The colours are brighter and more eye-catching. The layout is much more experimental and uses a different type. The typography is raunchier and sexier because that how today’s fashion images are. Most people used for the cover of Arena magazine are famous actors, models, singers or sports men/women. This clearly shows how much his sense of design has changed and improved over the years. I don’t know how design was in the old days and how his old work would fit into the world, but I think his Arena magazine is much more with it, i really like everything about it and find it inspirational because I love magazine design.


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