Hi-Res is a design company that’s based in New York and London. Hi-Res was founded in 1999 by Alexandra Jugovic and Florian Schmitt after the moved to London from Germany. They combine graphic design, fine art, product deign, film and music to create experimental work for clients such as; Channel, Dolce & Gabbana, Jagermeister, MTV, Doritos, Unique, BMW, Channel4, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Playstation, Diesel, Greenpeace, IBM, Adidas, RedBull.

I think Hi-Res designs and produces absolutely beautiful work for amazing businesses and organizations. They have worked for a lot of large, expensive, famous brands and have produced famous, rememberable work to advertise their product or message. They have produced advertisement work for the large fashion company Dolce & Gabanna in designing their website with beautiful fashion photography enhancing the best assets of the company and what they’re selling and the message they want to give. They have designed posters and CD covers for the new Rihanna/ Proffesor Green. They have included futuristic illustration to make the whole thing look new and exiting. Nothing the same is out at the moment so it’s very individual. They use bright colours for an eye-catching, memorizing effect. They have also designed the Channel No.5 advert where there’s a sequence video clips of a woman and man meeting in Venice. The advert is elegant, beautiful and magical. Everything they want to portray in the perfume, and as an overall company, is shown in the advert, in a very clever original way. I think the work of Hi-Res is amazing and I find it inspirational and influential.


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