Tim Mitchell

Tim Mitchell was the main photographer speaking at the 4Designers conference at London, 2010.

Tim Mitchell, based in London, is a freelance phototographer that covers travel, interiors, advertisingm documentary, time lapse, education and his own personal projects. He works through Europe and India. His clients include Barbican Centre, BBC, BFI, Taschen, Endemol, Friends of the earth, ID magazine, Elle magazine, Sunday Times Magazine, Accenture, Cadogan Guides and Reed Publishing.

These are the notes I gathered during his talk:

“Get as much work experience as you can, as soon as you can.”
“Build your profile and personal brand.”
“Be single-minded (remember what you are doing and why you are doing it).”
“Raise your profile and expand your network (It’s as much about who you know, as what you know).”
“Do your research and get involved.”
“Manage your NetRep (use tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter etc to your advantage).”
“Believe in yourself, have confidence in your abilities and others will too.”
“Maintain momentum.”
“Always ask for feedback.”
“Manage your future, or someone else will.”

Although during the talk Tim Mitchell did not show much of his work, I have researched him and his work after the conferene and found that his work is beautiful. His work is devided inbetween black & white portraits and bright, exiting landscapes. I think his landscapes are amazing, expecially the ones of the fairground. There’s such a large variety of olour offered and there’s so much going on in the picture. It’s exiting and magical.

His speech itself was very influential. He basically gave a step by step of what you should do to get to where you want to be. He said to get loads of work experience, build yourself and get yourself involved in the scene, always ask for feedback and stasy in control. I think his words were wise. Even though it’s obvius you need to do these things the talk made me really think about it and gave me the right shove into noticing I need to take things more serious and take a¬† more proffessional approach towards my career and my future.


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