Tom Roope

Tom Roope was a speaker at the 2010, 4Designers conference in London, and this is what he had to say:

“There is two types of work – interesting and non interesting.”
“People are more interesting than brands.”
“Start simple.”
“Go with the collaborative flow.”
“Perseverance and patience.”
“I always overestimate the speed but underestimate the impact.”
“Things are going to change.”
“The best way to predict the future is to invent it”, Alan Kay.
“If you can’t be perfect, be passionate.”
“Perseverance makes up for talent.”

Tom Roope studied a degree in film, video and photogrphy in 1991, and then began working in the multimedia industry. He worked at Tomato, an dlaunched their first CD-rom project, and tehn started Tomato Interactive. He has also won 3 D&AD silvers and a gold lion at Cannes.

The work he showed on the Lilly Allen video was amazing. He took thousnads and thousands of video clips posted on the internet that people had sent in of people singing a Lilly Allen song and added all the videos together to make a sort of collage but in video form and made one amazing piece that was original and trully outstanding piece of work.

Tom Roope didn’t talk much in the conference because his work really did all the speaking fo itself. Ive tried researching him to find out more but not much is for offer on the internet. In the littel he did say the jist that i got was to not to worry because even though things may look far from happening now, you should always be positive and keep trying because things will change and things will get better.


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