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Wrexham Market Print Brief

The brief was to combine relief print and screen print, for a stall of my choice from the Wrexham people’s market. After research into stalls and what was currently in the market, I decided to do my work on the baby and toddler stall, Esme. So, then I researched into baby shop’s and their branding. I researched what they sold and what the target audience wanted. I started by brainstorming quick ideas and developed some characters that I feel work well for the stall of my choice. The simple shapes and bright colours attract the eye and would intrest potential customers. I think it looks proffesional, and would fit in with the market, but being original at the same time. After designing the characters and the poster i then designed a box and  a bag for the shop and turned the cute little characters into stickers to close the bag and box. So rather that just having a bag, it’s more of an experience because there could be a certain character for each section of the shop and would be fun for children to get involved. Also people would assosiate the characters with the buisness what they were  seen. I think I have achieved a good piece of work for this brief and I am proud of the outcome.


Jack Renwick

Jack Renwick is a graphic designer, origanally from Glasgow, now lives in London. She has worked with The Partners since 1998 where she leads two design team. Clients range from AOP, BBC, Boots, eBay, Penguin, Stella McCartney and UCL. She won her first D&AD pencil in 1998 when she was a student at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, and has had work awarded in D&AD, Design Week, New York Festivals and Benchmarks.

The Partners is a marketing magazine branding agency that is no1 in the design week’s creative league table. Their aim is to design a creative, unique, effective approch to the industry. They deliver brand strategy, design and innovation. They have studios in London and New York, and designs for big brands and small brands. They are motivated by their desire to create unique and remarkable results. For more than 25 years they have pursued an ambition to be the world’s most creative agency.

..This is what Jack Renwick had to say about design in the 4Designers conference, London, 2010:

“It’s all about hardwork, homework and teamwork
“Blood, sweat and tea.”
“Know your audience.”
“Get a head start.”
“Knock on the door.”
“Send something to them.”
“Only show the work you’re proud of.”
“Show your best project first.”
“Interviews are 80% personality and 20% work.”
“Be memorable.”
“Don’t give up.”
“Never be as good as you want to be.”
“Not giving a shit is the worst thing.”
“If you can only communicate with one voice, you can only ever work for one client.”

I think the work of Jack Renwick and The Partners where brilliant. They have this vision on things that is totally original and there ideas and concepts on their work are completly original and look outstanding. They work as a close team to achieve the best ideas possible for the brief given. Their work have a bit of randomness to it that makes it fun and attracts the eye. They use clever characteristics to make the brand its own and make sure that no one else has anything similar. It’s simple yet genius, things like EagleClean, making a eagle shape out of marigold gloves for a cleaning firm. And a simple sausage printed with henna on it to point out the heritage of the sausage, whilst it still looking amazing. Its amazing how little, simple things can be turned into such brillian masterpieces.

The talk given by Jack Renwick was inspirational. She was talking about how things where in her design agency. It sounded like a lot of hard work but deffinitly worth it cos you get so much benefit out of designing a piece of work for someone and seeing it out there in the world. She also said that when searching for a job chances are you won’t like your first couple of jobs. You have to find a agency that best suits you and then when your there you feel like your getting somewhere in life. She gave a lot of tips on how to approach agencies when asking for a job, like research into the agency before you get there. Be down to earth about it, not to serious and boring, but also talking a proffesional approach to the interview. Also send a presant to the agency afterwards. She said when you get a job to always offer tea and not to fall behind on your social life because everything that goes on in everyday life helps make your work better and make you a better graphic designer. She said that even though you have to work A LOT to get to where you want to be, once your there, it’s all worth the hard work.

M/M Paris

M/M  Paris, founded by Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag, amd was established in Paris in 1992. They are best known for their work with musicians (Madonna, Benjamin Biolaym Jean-Louis Murat); fashion designers (Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Riccardo Tisci); magazines (Vogue Paris, Purple Fashion.

…I love the images above. M/M Paris did a series of photographs where they took an image of a face and added beautiful illustration on top of it. Most of the illustration are done in black and white. The faces are beautiful portrait images of models and the illustration on top is very elegant and fluent. It has a magical , natural feeling to it that makes it very original.

M/M Paris also have done a series of letters formed out of body parts and parts of faces. Many attempts of this has been done but I think M/M Paris have done a good job and have added an original sense by transforming it into a word or quotation. I like the way you can’t tell which part of where the letter is made out of which gives a slight mysterious feeling to the letters.

Universal Everything

Universal Everything is a global creative studio working in between art & design. They produce expressive digital artwork for screens, galleries & stadiums.

Universal Everything have work that I think is similar to the work of Non-Format. Universal Everything’s work also has a very magical and naturalistic feeling. They also take simple things and turn it into something beautiful that’s eye-catching and that’s rememberable. They work for a lot of famous brands and design a lot of well-known pieces of work.


Non-Format is a London based graphic design team specializing i publishing and music projects. The firm was founded by Kjell Ekhorn and Jon Forss in 2000. They work close with The Leaf Label and Lo Recordings. They work on a range of projects including art direction, design, illustration and custom typography for arts & culture, music industry, fashion and advertising clients. Clients include; Channel4, Coca-Cola, Fiat, Gap, K-Swiss, IBM, Lancôme, LG, Nike, Nokia, Orange.

Non-Format is a graphic design team that have designed wonderful, original images to promote famous and well-known brands. All their work stick to a very beautiful colour theme, that I think is the best feature of their work. Most work designed by the company has a magical feeling and includes a lot of nature assets to it. I like how they take one thing that’s simple and turn it into a magical, beautiful masterpiece.


MuchoDesign was founded  Montes and its studio is based in New York. Esteban focuses on developing new ideas, solutions and business opportunities.

The business’ motto is “we listen, we learn, we analyze, we create, we deliver”. MuchoDesign is a very well-known, popular design company that creates beautiful, original, stylish work that attracts the eye as well as keeping the work in you head by creating amazing memorable work. They work for all kinds of causes from raising awareness about aids, to promoting Madonna’s confessions tour and Vanity Fair special edition cover. They use astonishing photography for most of their work using a lot of different famous people. They use deep meaningful contrast in their work for example the virgin campaign where they used black & white photography and bright red type as a contrast to draw attention. The Vanity Fair cover uses a dark background in comparison to the light, pale, bare skin. The typography used in their work is bold and eye-catching. Their work is outstanding and inspirational.


Fuel Design was founded in 1991, by Damon Murray & Stephen Sorrell, and have then since worked on a variety of different projects, which includes a self-published magazine. They also work in print and have produced short films, identities, film titles and TV commercials.

As well as publishing their own, and other people’s books, Fuel has designed advertisement work for a number of large companies, including viktor & rolf, xbox and adidas. All of their work have a cute character feeling to it and it makes it feel more like an experience rather than looking at a poster, therefore people will remember the advertisement. Their work includes bright colour and vivid shapes that draws the attention of the eye to the work. Some work have a comical side to it to make people associate certain images to the brand and there for making the brand more popular.