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Student Life Photography

The brief was to take photographs of a specialized area or theme. My groups theme was student life. So I decided to do it on Glyndwr university and on all the different, interesting buildings at Glyndwr university. They come and in all different shapes and sizes. As a new university the buildings are also mostly new and not all the building follows any type of theme to match each other, and has a sort of randomness about the campus. I like the randomness of it all. It makes it all much more interesting to look at. I researched different universities, photography of buildings and photography of university buildings. I decided to have a sort of paneling theme to match the randomness of the buildings and having the photographs in lines matches the theme of the glyndwr logo.  The next step of the brief is to make a flash piece for the typography. I want my photography to have filters on it to have all the different images to be different colours to match the university logo. I want to have a cute little illustration on the top of the pages and when you hover over the illustation of the certain building the photograph will turn into its original colour, that will be underneath. Then when you hover over the colour photograph the original coloured photograph will show and you can click it. You will then be take to a seperate page on that building.