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Student Life Photography

The brief was to take photographs of a specialized area or theme. My groups theme was student life. So I decided to do it on Glyndwr university and on all the different, interesting buildings at Glyndwr university. They come and in all different shapes and sizes. As a new university the buildings are also mostly new and not all the building follows any type of theme to match each other, and has a sort of randomness about the campus. I like the randomness of it all. It makes it all much more interesting to look at. I researched different universities, photography of buildings and photography of university buildings. I decided to have a sort of paneling theme to match the randomness of the buildings and having the photographs in lines matches the theme of the glyndwr logo.  The next step of the brief is to make a flash piece for the typography. I want my photography to have filters on it to have all the different images to be different colours to match the university logo. I want to have a cute little illustration on the top of the pages and when you hover over the illustation of the certain building the photograph will turn into its original colour, that will be underneath. Then when you hover over the colour photograph the original coloured photograph will show and you can click it. You will then be take to a seperate page on that building.



These are a few photographs I took of the absolutly beautiful Portmeiriom, which is considered to be paradise. I think I have took pictures of the best assests of the place. I think how there’s so much colour on offer in the photographs to work with. So much is going on in the photos they’re interesting and eye-catching. The tone in the images are beautiful and the detail in things like the statue and the eagle is amazing. The amount of colour in the images with the grass in is brilliant. There’s loads of flowers and it looks fantastic, and makes me want to go back there, and I hope it would make other people want to go there two.


These are a series of photographs i took for a college brief that was labeled windows. I decided to take photos of the bridges to anglesey, where I live, as a window into the island. I decided to take these photos because the island means a lot to me because it’s where I was brought up and somewhere I will always love and always look at as home. I think the images look good. The blue of the ocean stands out to make the sea stand out more. The construction of the bridges look brilliant and I have balanced the construction of the bridges with the nature of the trees and sea and the island.


These are the image I took in my own time. They are of the beautiful island of Llanddwyn, which means “The church of St. Dwynwen”. Dwynwen is the Welsh patron saint of lovers, making her the Welsh equivalent of St Valentine, and is celebrated on the 25th of January. I got lots of photographs of the island but these are my favorite two. The one of the cross, where the Welsh god of love is buried. And a picture of one of the houses that’s on the island. I love the images because the island is so peaceful. It’s quiet, nothing goes there and the place has combined the nature and buildings beautifully, and kept the place looking amazing. I love the detail that’s in the image of the cross and i love the colours that’s in it. I like the picture of the house because it’s kept to peaceful theme of the island and i love how cute and small the house and the colours it has been painted in, and think it looks good at an angle, giving it a cure characteristic.


This is a photo I took in my own time. This is the bridge in the woods next to my house. This photo means a lot to me because I used to play by this river as a child. This is where I have spent most of my summers. This is where I take my dog for a walk. This is where I go to be alone. It’s a beautiful, cheerful spot that makes me happy when im there. And I think I have portrayed that well in this photograph. I think the bridge draws the eye to the image and the colours portray a happy, joyful feeling.

Poets & Prophets

The brief was first to design a calligraphy for the words “poets & prophets”. So experiemented with calligraphy with ink and a paintbrush and some wallpaper. I found it difficult because I don’t think that my work looked good. I think it looked rubish and messy. So I then took some of my knowledge from the calligraphy experiments and designed a curvy, round typeface that I think work well for the words poets & prophets. I then added charcteristics from the poems and poets chosen, and added them to the typeface. I figured out that all the poets were British, and my chosen poem was called The British. Also the BBC is a famous British TV orginazation. That is why I added british characters like a top hat, a union jack flag, a crown, a postbox and a cup of tea. The second part of the brief was to imagine that poets & prophets was to bring out a programme on the poets and on the poems. So I then developed the idea from the British icons, and as I liked the tea idea, because England is very famous for its tea and everyone drinks tea whilst watching TV. We needed to find a way to let people know that this programme was being aired. So I though it would be a nice original idea to have the information of the programme on teabag packaging. The teabags would be offered to people free on the streets, and people would read the information on the packaging, and watch teh programme. So I designed a little icon to symbolize each poet, and added the poets & prophets logo and the name of the poet and the date the programme is on. I worked really hard on this brief and I am happy with the work that I achieved. I think it’s original and serves its purpose well.

Wrexham Market Print Brief

The brief was to combine relief print and screen print, for a stall of my choice from the Wrexham people’s market. After research into stalls and what was currently in the market, I decided to do my work on the baby and toddler stall, Esme. So, then I researched into baby shop’s and their branding. I researched what they sold and what the target audience wanted. I started by brainstorming quick ideas and developed some characters that I feel work well for the stall of my choice. The simple shapes and bright colours attract the eye and would intrest potential customers. I think it looks proffesional, and would fit in with the market, but being original at the same time. After designing the characters and the poster i then designed a box and  a bag for the shop and turned the cute little characters into stickers to close the bag and box. So rather that just having a bag, it’s more of an experience because there could be a certain character for each section of the shop and would be fun for children to get involved. Also people would assosiate the characters with the buisness what they were  seen. I think I have achieved a good piece of work for this brief and I am proud of the outcome.