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Poets & Prophets

The brief was first to design a calligraphy for the words “poets & prophets”. So experiemented with calligraphy with ink and a paintbrush and some wallpaper. I found it difficult because I don’t think that my work looked good. I think it looked rubish and messy. So I then took some of my knowledge from the calligraphy experiments and designed a curvy, round typeface that I think work well for the words poets & prophets. I then added charcteristics from the poems and poets chosen, and added them to the typeface. I figured out that all the poets were British, and my chosen poem was called The British. Also the BBC is a famous British TV orginazation. That is why I added british characters like a top hat, a union jack flag, a crown, a postbox and a cup of tea. The second part of the brief was to imagine that poets & prophets was to bring out a programme on the poets and on the poems. So I then developed the idea from the British icons, and as I liked the tea idea, because England is very famous for its tea and everyone drinks tea whilst watching TV. We needed to find a way to let people know that this programme was being aired. So I though it would be a nice original idea to have the information of the programme on teabag packaging. The teabags would be offered to people free on the streets, and people would read the information on the packaging, and watch teh programme. So I designed a little icon to symbolize each poet, and added the poets & prophets logo and the name of the poet and the date the programme is on. I worked really hard on this brief and I am happy with the work that I achieved. I think it’s original and serves its purpose well.